Final Voting Commences for MarketRaker’s New Logo: A Creative Journey Comes to a Close

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3 min readJan 22, 2024


Embracing Change and Celebrating Creativity

Today, we officially open the final voting phase for our new logo, a symbol of innovation and community spirit.

A Refreshing Start

The MarketRaker community, a blend of vibrant minds and creative souls, embarked on a unique mission: to redefine the visual identity of our beloved platform. This initiative was not just about changing a logo; it was about embracing change and harnessing the collective creativity of our members.

The Power of Collective Decision-Making

We’ve journeyed through initial polls, insights, and discussions. Your voices were heard loud and clear — a new logo is not just desired, but needed. This collaborative process has led us to this crucial point: the final vote.

Unveiling AI-Generated Masterpieces

The highlight of this journey has been the embrace of AI-generated designs. Members unleashed their imagination, using AI as a tool to craft logos that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful. Each submission is a testament to the blend of human creativity and technological advancement.

Rewards for Innovation

In appreciation of this creative endeavor, the designer of the winning logo will be awarded an exciting prize of 2500 Raker. This is more than a reward; it’s a celebration of innovation and passion.

The Final Touch

The selected logo will receive a professional finishing touch by our in-house designer, ensuring it perfectly embodies the MarketRaker ethos. This is where art meets precision, creativity meets professionalism.

Your Vote Shapes Our Identity

This is where you, our esteemed community members, play the most crucial role. Your vote in this final phase is not just a selection; it’s an endorsement of what MarketRaker stands for.

How to Cast Your Vote

  1. Just cast your vote on our anouncement channel

A New Year, A New Emblem

As we step into the new year, this logo will be more than a visual symbol; it will be a beacon of our community’s shared vision and creativity.

Join the Celebration

Don’t miss out on being a part of this monumental decision. Let your vote be the guiding star in this creative galaxy. Together, let’s unveil a logo that resonates with every heartbeat of the MarketRaker community.

Happy Holidays and Happy Voting!

Warm regards,
The MarketRaker Team 🌟



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