Just Launched: Our Latest On-Demand AI Indicator Prediction Service!

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3 min readDec 28, 2023
MarketRakerAI On-Demand Predictions

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our AI On-Demand Indicator Prediction Service, now featuring continuous 12-hour forecast updates. This service is designed to arm traders with the most current AI-driven market insights, keeping you a step ahead in the dynamic trading landscape.

Continuous 12-Hour Forecast Updates:
If you follow our other articles and understand how our indicators work, you will appreciate the way this change our services offering. Understanding the market’s direction in the short term is crucial for traders. Our service excels here by revising and updating the last indicator for every 12-hour prediction cycle. This means you receive the most recent and relevant data to base your trading decisions on, ensuring you’re always in sync with the market’s pulse.

Tailored Predictive Analytics:
Our AI Model analyzed the latest market data, adjusting predictions every 12 hours to reflect the latest trends. This continuous refinement process ensures that the insights you receive are both more accurate and timely, enhancing your ability to make informed trading decisions.

Real-Time Insights for Proactive Trading:
In the fast-paced world of trading, timing is critical. Our service offers real-time updates, providing you with the latest market insights exactly when you need them. This immediate access to information allows you to respond quickly to market changes, seize opportunities, and reduce risks.

Enhanced Trading Strategies with AI:
Our service is designed to complement and enhance your current trading strategy. With predictions covering various market aspects, you can refine your approach, from identifying potential trading opportunities to understanding broader market trends. Or just checking your own instincts while trading.

Commitment to Precision and Trust:
We’re committed to ensuring that our AI-driven predictions are not only precise but also reliable. This update is still on our Alpha AI version of our AI indicators so please take care, as we still working on the Beta version of our AI indicators — to be launched in roughly 2–3 months.

Join the Future of Trading:
You will be able to utilize this service as a member, and we expect the predictions to become more relaiable as our AI model improves.

The launch of our service with its continuous 12-hour forecast updates is a testament to our dedication to revolutionising the trading experience.

How to use it:
Sign up to the MarketRaker app https://raker.market and join the discord once registered.

Go to the #latest-predictions channel and type /predict TSLA/USD for example

The previous AI indicator for 'TSLA/USD' was updated 1 hours ago and is currently in Long state. Open price: 261.44, expected close: 266.68375, percentage change: 2.0057194%. We believe the market is in a 3-6 day Bull trend.

or /predict BTC/USD
The previous AI indicator for ‘BTC/USD’ was updated less than an hour ago and is currently in Short state. Open price: 42472.62, expected close: 41928.938, percentage change: -1.2800796%. We believe the market is in a 3–6 day Bear trend

We’re excited to see how this innovative solution empowers traders globally.

In trading, staying informed is your greatest asset, and with MarketRaker service, we aim to offer you just that.




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