Logo Update from MarketRaker to MarketRaker AI!

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2 min readJan 29, 2024

🌟A Fresh Start with a Fresh Logo!,🌟

As we joyously leap into 2024, full of hope and dreams, the MarketRaker community has a delightful announcement that symbolizes a bright new chapter in our story.

Our Community Has Chosen!

The enthusiastic participation in our logo voting was truly heartwarming! With great excitement, we announce that Logo 1, crafted by the talented @mesarq AI prompts, has triumphantly emerged as your favorite! This logo, perfectly captures the dynamic and forward-thinking spirit of our community and captured your hearts.

A Celebration of Creativity and Collective Decision

This isn’t just about a new logo; it’s a celebration of our community’s vibrant involvement and shared decision-making. Your voices and choices have played a pivotal role in shaping the visual future of MarketRaker.

Fine-Tuning Our New Symbol

The journey continues as we fine-tune the winning logo, ensuring it resonates with our brand’s values and ethos. This refinement process is a crucial step towards a logo that not only looks fantastic but also embodies the heart and soul of MarketRaker.

Embracing Change Across All Fronts

In the spirit of this new beginning, our team is enthusiastically gearing up to update our website, Discord, and all marketing materials with our new logo. This makeover is a symbol of our evolution and readiness to embrace exciting new horizons.

A Special Token of Our Gratitude

As a gesture of our heartfelt thanks, @mesarq will be rewarded with RAKER tokens. This is our way of acknowledging the effort that went into assisting to find a logo that now proudly represents us.

Let’s Rejoice in This New Era!

Let’s warmly welcome this change and keep fostering a united, energetic, and thriving MarketRaker community. Here’s to a fabulous and successful year ahead for all of us!

🎉 Cheers to the New Year and Our New Look, MarketRaker Community!

With Joyful Hearts,
The MarketRaker Team



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